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小猫当当(第二辑)Nontan Let's Play Series 2

Series Books (Set of 10)

Age 0 ~ 6

Softcover 平装

Simplified Chinese (简体)

By: 清野幸子  

Translated: 猿渡静子

Publisher: 新星出版社

Theme: SeriesAnimals

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1. Nontan's Paper Pranks

Nontan has great fun scattering wastepaper and rubbish all over the place until his friends come and tell him off. A simple tale with a mild little message for infants growing up and having to get used to being neat.

2. Nontan's Tickly Time

When Nontan, asleep in the field, is woken up by the tickle of the grass, it gives him an idea for some mischief. So off he goes to tickle the pig. Then off they go to tickle all their friends!

3. Nontan and the Ghost Town Maze

If you follow the ghost of the bamboo and paper umbrella through the maze, the ghost will become friends with everyone and you'll no longer be afraid of getting up in the night or sleeping in a dark room!

4. Nontan's Hiccups

Nontan and his friends get the hiccups and try all the ways they know to get rid of them - pinching their noses, holding their breath, drinking water, doing a handstand... Everything fails until a little frog comes along.

5. Nontan's Little Sister

Nontan and his younger sister Tartan come to play with Piglet. But Nontan gets angry when Tartan begins throwing bricks around and tells her to go away. Later, he really regrets what he said. How happy he is when she finally reappears!

6. Nontan Says Go Away Pain

Tartan, the cat, Nontan's younger sister, falls over and cries a lot. However, Nontan tells the pain to go away! I wonder where it's gone!

7. Nontan & Fleecy Tartan

Tartan, Nontan's younger sister, is crying because she has accidentally let go off the balloon Nontan had just given her. As Nontan leaves her alone crying, Mr. Penguin comes and pokes Tartan. Tartan goes for a walk in the sky with Mr. Penguin and comes across many balloons.

8. Nontan's Massive Thank You 

Nontan and friends are drawing on the ground, but his little sister Tartan ruins his masterpiece, and Nontan angrily goes to the top of the hill to finish his artwork on his own. Tartan follows him and steps on his drawings again, but she has actually come to tell him something surprising...

9. Nontan's Birthday Book

This little book, built around the story of a runaway egg, will make a nice birthday present for any small child. There are blanks to fill in with personal details, pictures, handprint, ets., and also tiny adhesive pictures to stick on.

10. Nontan Fun Book

This long awaited latest title of Nontan Let's Play series contains counting, finding, colouring, drawing, singing, tongue twisters, maze and lots of other fun games! Introduced by the popular Nontan and his friends, children can play in this imaginative world on their own or together with friends.


1 乱糟糟的可不行 Nontan's Paper Pranks

2 好痒好痒,别挠啦 Nontan's Tickly Time

3 鬼有什么可怕的 Nontan and the Ghost Town Maze

4 打嗝了,怎么办 Nontan's Hiccups

5 有妹妹真好 Nontan's Little Sister


6 痛痛快飞走 Nontan Says Go Away Pain

7 我们飘上天啦 Nontan & Fleecy Tartan

8 大大的谢谢 Nontan's Massive Thank You 

9 生日礼物书 Nontan's Birthday Book 

10 快乐游戏书 Nontan Fun Book

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